Consequences - 1000 Word Story

1000 Word Challenge Aug 16, 2020

It was a night so cold that Mr Frost had run on window panes. So cold that even Angels were wrapping themselves in their feather quilted wings’ to keep warm. Souls were so sombre that not a note of laughter could be found, nor a smile located.

It was on this winter night that a woman, who was not a woman anymore, nor a human in any conventional sense, stood under a waterfall.
She stood there as tons of freezing water slammed down on her body. Cascading down her pale brown shoulders, and seeping into her whip wounds. Her breath came out like steam from old trains. Her entire naked body turned blue, shivering under the harsh liquid. Yet her eyes burned intensely with hellfire.

As her lips quivered and her sharpened bloody teeth clinked against the other, she mumbled the same words again and again.
“I curse you, I curse you, I curse you, I curse you. “

As she chanted these words, the water around her began to turn red. Frothing like a rabid animal, streaming like a heavy flow. Soon she was immersed in this red, soon it had consumed her.
And as she disappeared under the waves of the bloody waterfall, loud thunder growled from the Heavens. Lightning clapped on the land.

Then there was silence.
Eventually, the water turned back to its ordinary clear colour.
The winter night continued unperturbed, even as her corpse rose to the surface and bobbed up and down in the river water.

At the sight of her body the wind stirred ever so slightly, but her death did not stop the cold weather from being cold, nor did it cause the forest animals nearby to wake from their slumber.

But as her corpse floated along the river bed, a Darkness also floated to the Earth’s surface.

This Darkness made even the shadows tremble, and they parted as it passed them by.
Even Mr Frost didn’t dare touch where this Darkness went. All of nature seemed on its toes, standing precariously, watching with bated breath as the Darkness roamed.

Only the humans, with their limited senses and unfounded confidence, remained unaware of this twisted presence. Even as it glided down their streets and ominously passed by their homes.

The Darkness didn’t stop until it came to a mansion on a hill. A lavish sort of home, with more rooms than residents, and more wealth than sanity.
In one of the grand halls was a man, a young man whose face was old and wrinkled with decadence.
He drank with his back to the window, the moonlight illuminating him.

He grumbled silently as he drank his red wine, topping up his glass until he finished yet another bottle.

While consumed by his internal demons and alcohol, he didn’t notice the frost recede from his window, and he didn’t notice a darkness slide in.

In fact his senses were so dull, that he didn’t even feel nervous until the moonlight turned away from him.
The candles on the walls blew out as the fire ran away.
His entire room plunged into the black.
The Rich Man began to tremble, his jewelled fingers and decorated neck rattled.

His blue eyes flitted around the room as he looked around nervously.
“Who is there!!? What do you want!!?” He yelled.

“Conrad Cooper, a child born with blessings and wealth. Always favoured by his peers, always admired by his adversaries. The Heavens were always so good to you, no wonder your insides are so rotten and decrepit.” A voice as deep as night and as silky as sound could be, filled the room.

“But your boyish good looks are now faded, and your luck has run out. Your sins have caught up to you, and the Heavens are no longer wasting their blessings.”

Conrad began to shake incessantly, “I made a mistake, I’m sorry, forgive me please.”

The Darkness tutted, sighed and tutted again, “Disappointing…why is it always the same. The most sinful, greedy and inhospitable men are always the weakest. Always the ones to beg like cowards when their reckoning comes.”

“If you’re so scared by the consequences of your sins, why even bother to commit them. Truly disappointing.”

Conrad had dropped to his hands and knees, he couldn’t see the darkness but he bowed in a random direction and began to beg some more, “I won’t do it again, I won’t dare, I will live better. Please forgive me.”

“Why do you assume that I am the one to forgive you? Shouldn’t you be asking your victim?. The entire families you ruined, the woman you tortured, the cultures you appropriated, uprooted and threw away. What about all that wealth, the jewellery, how many people died to mine your diamonds. Have you ever thought of the long-lasting effects this will have on them for generations? You think ‘I’m sorry, I will repent’ is sufficient?”

“The arrogance, the entitlement, and the tomfoolery of it all.”

Conrad continued to beg, his whimpers becoming whiny like a wounded mutt.

The Darkness laughed at his pathetic state,
“Sadly, I won’t rip you from your wretched life, it is not yet your time. But I have to deliver a curse. A curse made by a woman carrying the grudges of her people.”

As those words were heard by Conrad, he begged louder, but the Darkness ignored him as it issued his sentence.
“Humans do not understand Karma until death. In this life you have enslaved people, butchered and violated them and in the next life you will be the one enslaved butchered and violated, but before that, you will burn in hell with others like yourself for as many years as the number of your sins. But before you even die, you will live knowing these consequences but never knowing when they will occur, and that paranoia will drive you insane.”

With these final words Darkness left, the candles relit, and the moonlight shone again on a mockery of a man.


Alexia J. Barrett

I am a Creative Writer, Indie Author, Podcast Host, and Development Researcher. I’m also an aspiring filmmaker and I’m working towards becoming a self-shooting Producer and Director.

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