About Me

Learn about the Writer, Podcast Host and aspiring Film-maker, Alexia J. Barrett.

Dear Reader,

My name is Alexia J. Barrett. I am a Creative Writer, Indie Author, Podcast Host, and Development Researcher. I’m also an aspiring film-maker and I’m working towards becoming a self-shooting Producer and Director.

Some visitors may know me by the pen-name,  M.Lexi

This is my blog Writing Pilgrimage. As the name suggests Writing Pilgrimage is a website to document my writing journey. I’m working on various books, screenplays, and fairy-tales that I aim to publish in the future.

I am currently looking to get represented by a literary agent.

On this blog I update you on my writing journey; my travels and my various creative projects.

I created this website to advertise myself and my work and to order my thoughts, and develop myself as a storyteller.

On this website, you will find my Podcasts.

Under Writing Projects you can find some short stories and flash fiction. (Not all of my pieces are available on this website as I write competitively.

The Blogs page features stories about my adventures, travels, opinions and experiences.

In the years to come, I visualise myself being an accomplished writer, producing various films and programmes for TV, having several published works, travelling the world and being able to tell all kinds of stories.

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