Web-Novel Mar 22, 2019


“You failed again.”
A brunette woman said whilst holding the bridge of her tall nose as she let out an exasperated breath. “Alice it’s going to be your twentieth birthday in a month, at this rate you’re never going to awaken…It’s a damn shame considering who your parents are. You come from a family of so many accomplished mages yet you don’t even have the talent to awaken.”
The brunette woman took off her glasses and rubbed her eyes.
“I’m sorry Alice, my academy has done everything we could do for you, as an educator I have done my best to provide support for you. The academy has given you some of the best medicines, resources and treatments yet nothing has worked. Your talent just isn’t high enough, you need to accept that you were never meant for the path of power. It’s time to stop.”
The woman sighed yet again, “I advise you to pack your bags and go home. I’ll prepare a recommendation for you so you can start studying at Oxford University by next semester. I’m sure your parents will arrange for you to live a smooth and easy life amongst the mortals. I’m sorry Alice, this really is all I can do for you now.”

Alice Wonder clenched her fists. Her head was lowered as she listened to the headmistress. All she could do was nod and accept everything being said to her. She had to accept it, she was nearly twenty and had yet to awaken her powers. Meaning she was destined to be a mortal.
There was a saying that in every family there is a rotten egg. In her dazzling family of powerful mages, who had all left the mortal realms and gone to the worlds beyond, she was the only powerless and pitiful mortal.
Alice didn’t know how she would face her Mother and Father when they contacted her, she couldn’t lie. The headmistress had probably already sent them a transmission telling them about the news.

Tears filled Alice’s brown eyes. Why couldn’t she have been a peerless talent like her older brother rather than trash?
“I’ve already called a car for you. You have until four to vacate the premises.”
Alice didn’t reply, only sharply turning out of the room, bitter tears streaming down her pretty face.

She ran in frustration towards her dorm. As she rushed down the corridors, students in the hallways stopped and watched her pass, some quietly gossiped but others loudly said, “I heard she still couldn’t awaken.”
“Are you serious?!”
“Yep it seems the Wonder family finally produced a trash.”
“Wow to think she’s still mortal.”
“And I was being so nice to her before, thinking that she’d be my key into the higher communities of practitioners through her parents connections, and now it turns out she’s a dud. I sure wasted my time.”
“Her family must be so humiliated.”
“She’s an embarrassment.”

If this had been a year ago, Alice would have screamed at them, telling them they were wrong, that she wasn’t a trash, and that she still had time to awaken. But she couldn’t say anything now, since they were all right.

She just ran and kept on running until she got to her room, only to halt in the doorway.
All her things were already in boxes and her suitcases were filled. Her roommate Beth was standing there waiting for her.
“I thought I’d pack for you. It’s faster this way.” Beth put her hands through her own pixie short hair, she looked tired. “I’m sorry that we can’t become immortals together Alice, I hope you have a good mortal life.”

Alice only looked at her. She didn’t know what to say. She was too ashamed to say anything.

Helpers wearing silver masks came into the room and began picking up Alice’s luggage one by one and taking it away, probably to the car.
Alice and Beth didn’t move.

When the last box was taken Beth simply sighed and said, “I’ll call you…maybe” and walked past Alice, disappearing into the corridor.
Alice’s clenched fists went limp. Even her best friend had turned her back on her.
“Well it’s to be expected, all that really matters in this world is power, why should she continue to be friends with a mortal. I won’t live even a tenth of her lifetime, knowing me is just a waste of her time.”

With more tears Alice just went outside, she saw a black car waiting for her, it looked like a hearse. All her things her things had already been packed into it.
As she looked behind her she could see many of her ex classmates staring out the window, watching her. There was nothing she could do but except accept her fate.

She got into the car, staring back at the place where she had lost all her hopes, until she could no longer stare as the car turned the corner.
Exiting the pocket dimension and suddenly appearing on a busy central London street.
30 minutes later Alice entered her high rise apartment that had a perfect view of the London Eye. The helpers in masks brought all her things up for her and then in seconds they vanished like smoke, as if they’d never been there and it was all just a dream.

After staring at the ceiling for an hour Alice thought “Fuck it!” as she stood up and left her apartment, heading to a nearby pub.
She was 19, whilst training to be a mage she’d never been allowed to touch substances that could harm her mind, alcohol being one of them, but since it didn’t matter anymore she was going to legally drink to her heart’s content.
Three hours later she strolled back to her apartment smelling of booze, yet she wasn’t drunk.
No matter how much she’d gulped down her mind remained clear. “How freaking annoying!” she shouted as she kicked her door open.

As the door swung on it’s hinges she got the shock of her life. Lying in her hallway was a person. Their body shimmered with residual essence, had they teleported here?
Blood was spewing from his mouth like a fountain, he was extremely pale and shaking. His eyes were wide open and flashing all kinds of colours. The irises were vertical.
His long wavy hair was mixed in the blood he vomited. All he wore was a white bath robe covered in red lilies.
He outstretched his hand towards her, his nails rather pointy.
“” he murmured.


Alexia J. Barrett

I am a Creative Writer, Indie Author, Podcast Host, and Development Researcher. I’m also an aspiring filmmaker and I’m working towards becoming a self-shooting Producer and Director.

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