Flash Fiction with the theme of Conflict

Blog Jan 23, 2020

The Knight

The knight with the proud smile, holds his sword high in his hands as he bloodies the blade. His face filled with patriotism and glee. He is serving his land with this battle, wearing his pride as a cape. When he returns home to the Lords and Ladies he serves, walking around with his head held high, he pretends he can’t see the trail of ghosts at his side.

Dust to Dust

The rumbling shook the Earth. These tremors brought waves of death and destruction that did not differentiate between women, man or child. These tremors were not made by nature but made by man. Ripping apart residences that once stood on the ground for decades. History and culture returning to zero. Barren land and dust is the only thing left, it may appear empty but it is soaked in red. Returned to dust.

The Young Man

They enticed me with the banner, telling me it was time to serve my country, time to fight. I had no goals at the time, no aims, only a desire to make a difference and make my Parents proud. So I joined the army and I went through the training and I toiled through the exercises. Sweat and tears; time and energy lead me to this battlefield. Now I wonder why I worked so hard. I did all this to have my gun pointing at a child. I came so far to see an unequal and unjust world, torn apart by greed and corruption. I came this far to be killed for no real reason. To become a  disposable pawn in another mans chess game.


Alexia J. Barrett

I am a Creative Writer, Indie Author, Podcast Host, and Development Researcher. I’m also an aspiring filmmaker and I’m working towards becoming a self-shooting Producer and Director.

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